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Grandfather gives thanks to KinderCare center team after grandson suffers traumatic seizure

Last week, several executive leaders and the entire center team at Old Tappan KinderCare in New Jersey received a heartwarming email from the grandfather of a two-year-old boy named Hunter who’s enrolled at the center. In the email, the grandfather described a terrifying series of events that occurred weeks ago after his grandson suffered an unexpected seizure. He also described the touching response from the KinderCare center team, as they quickly rallied together to support the family throughout this difficult time in any way they could.

Read the shortened version of the email below to learn more about Hunter’s story and how the heartfelt actions of this wonderful center team created light for one family during some of its darkest days and hours.

“I want you all to know how grateful my family is to your entire staff at the Old Tappan center. Five weeks ago, my grandson Hunter suffered a seizure and was sent to the closest ER where they were able to help him come out of it. He also had a CT scan done and was immediately transferred to a pediatric intensive care unit, where within 30 hours it was confirmed that he had a plum-size mass on the left side of his brain. Our entire family was devastated to say the least.

Our doctor quickly pulled his team together and on Monday a seven-hour surgery took place. The neurosurgeons were extremely skilled. Everything was so successful. The tumor was removed and the lab analysis came back negative. Within a week, Hunter was back home and recovering at an unprecedented pace.

What I really want to tell you about is the kindness, compassion and love that staff showed. It was truly overwhelming and quite honesty unbelievable. Center Director Jessica Epstein called her staff immediately and explained the situation to them all. I know they were all upset and wanted to do anything they could, and I know that their prayers played a part in his recovery. Jessica and the team immediately set up a Meal Train for our family for over a month. They could have just called once a week, but were in touch with my daughter almost every day because they really wanted to know how Hunter was doing. They did an awesome job of taking care of our granddaughters who are also enrolled at the center. The other classroom children all made cards and signs for Hunter too, and whenever my wife or I would drop off or pick up the kids from the center, everyone would ask how Hunter was doing or if we needed anything.

I am well into my 60’s, and the center team taught me a lot about kindness, caring and love. All my kids just love the staff. If you ever get a chance to visit the Old Tappan staff, please do. They are not only instructors, but friends, leaders and just plain good people. We thank them all.”

Thank you Old Tappan KinderCare team for your kindness, living our Service Values and for demonstrating what it means to give our children and families the very best care and start in life.