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KinderCare students ages out, wants to be teacher

It’s a bittersweet day when a student ages out of the KinderCare center he or she grew up in. Teachers look at the child, now well on his or her way to becoming a young adult, and remember the baby whose grin stretched ear to ear the first time he took a step on his own or the toddler who proudly wrote her name a 100 times over just to show she could.

Caleb began attending the Desert Trail KinderCare in Tucson, Ariz., when he was just two. Now 13-years-old, Caleb wrote to his center’s District Manager, Heidi Grunberg, asking if he could return to his beloved center as a volunteer.

I would love the opportunity to come to KinderCare and volunteer to help the teachers. It would be a fun, interesting experience for me because I’ve attended KinderCare since I was 3-years-old with my best friend Joshua. We grew up coming to KinderCare, enjoying playing with friends and [playing] with the centers; it was really fun to play with friends, especially on the playground. Now that I’ve spent my years being a student, I would love the opportunity to come and to be a teacher’s assistant. It would be a good opportunity and an interesting experience to become one.


“Caleb is a classroom leader,” said Center Director Sharon Johnson. “He is kind-hearted and gentle, especially with younger students. He would greet new children and help them adjust to the classroom. He was always a helper.”

Although Caleb is a little young yet to be a teacher’s assistant, he’s still able to visit his KinderCare family – his 8-year-old brother is a student there.