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Back up care leads family to choose new center

One day a few years ago the Krizman family was in a bind. Their childcare provider planned to close for a religious holiday, leaving them without a place for their then 16-month-old daughter Alexandra to go during the day. Taking her to work wasn’t a good option for either parent, so Dad, Eric, went to his company’s intranet to research alternatives.

While browsing online Krizman landed on the Care Select benefit his employer, Booz Allen – a management consulting firm in the Washington, D.C., area – offered, allowing employees to use local KinderCare centers for backup care when their regular care providers were unavailable. Krizman inquired about space at the Germantown, Md., KinderCare center, and much to his relief, Center Director Kathy Cook had space for Alexandra.

After the day of backup care, the Krizmans began thinking about the differences between their current center and KinderCare.

Alexandra today: happy to be at KinderCare.
Alexandra today: happy to be at KinderCare.

“The thing we like most was all the differences between KinderCare and the other center,” said Krizman. “We liked the size of the room, the friendliness of the staff, and the ease of communications with staff.”

As busy working parents, Krizman and his wife also appreciated not having to pack a lunch for Alexandra – unlike their other provider, KinderCare including lunch and snacks in the cost of tuition, which took a huge burden off of the family.

It wasn’t long before the Krizmans decided to switch centers.

“We ran the numbers and decided it made sense to switch,” he said. “We were a little skittish about a new place but Kathy told us to be patient; it would take time to adjust. A couple of weeks later Alex was running into the center in the mornings and wanted to stay when we came to pick her up.”

It’s been more than a year since the Krizmans made the switch and they have no regrets. Having the backup care benefit through Booz Allen was an extremely valuable benefit, one that not only helped them out the day the needed a place for Alexandra, but that lead them to finding a new community in their KinderCare center.

Cook thinks the backup care benefit helps employees when it comes to making the crucial decision about who will care for their child.

“Without knowing anything about us, I think it provides them with peace of mind – ‘my company trusts [KinderCare],” she said.

Both Krizman and Cook encourage parents with the Care Select benefit to explore their options. Perhaps that backup center could be the one that makes all the difference in a family’s life.