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Grandfather gives thanks to KinderCare center team after grandson suffers traumatic seizure

In this heartwarming email, the grandfather of a two-year-old boy who suffered an unexpected seizure shares his gratitude for the Old Tappan KinderCare center team that rallied together to support the family.
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Making a center feel like home: one family’s story of thanks

When one teacher went above and beyond to make sure Lyla was safe and accepted at her center, the Pinaud family couldn’t hold back their praise for the UPC Child Development Center at USC. Helen, Lyla’s teacher, noticed a few developmental hiccups in the six year old.…
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KinderCare students ages out, wants to be teacher

It’s a bittersweet day when a student ages out of the KinderCare center he or she grew up in. Teachers look at the child, now well on his or her way to becoming a young adult, and remember the baby whose grin stretched ear to ear the first time he took a step on his own or…

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Bittersweet farewell

Goodbye is bittersweet especially when it means a child who grew up in a KinderCare center is walking out of…