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Nourishing curiosity – and character too

The Grove School of Cary is a family affair for Prekindergarten teacher Sue Davies. Her grandson (pictured here) attends the center.
The Grove School of Cary is a family affair for Prekindergarten teacher Sue Davies. Her grandson (pictured here) attends the center.

Teaching science is a personal passion for Sue Davies, prekindergarten teacher at the Grove School in Cary, NC.

“I just love, love, the curiosity of students of this age,” Davies said.

Whether they are turning cream into butter (to learn about liquids and solids) or making new paper from old newspapers (to study recycling at this environmentally-focused school), her children are relentlessly inquisitive – a quality that Davies encourages. There’s even a sign by her door asking “Did you ask any great questions today?”

But perhaps more important than the lessons is helping children understand and care for each other, their communities, and nature: She hopes her children will embody kindness as they grow up.

“It’s so important to me that all of the children in my class feel loved and accepted,” she said. “Empathy – that’s what will take you far in life.”

“Sue comes from the heart,” said Lorrie Schelkle, Head of School. “It’s not just coming in and working an 8-5 job. It’s coming in with your whole heart; truly getting to know the children and their parents.”

Davies started her teaching career 25 years ago because she loves working with children. She believes teaching is her calling.

“I’m still teaching because I feel like I make a real difference,” she said.

Sue not only loves teaching, she believes wholeheartedly in the importance of ECE. She wants other people to gain that same understanding when they visit her classroom.

Earning the Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Award earlier this fall was the ultimate in validation for Davies. She knows she’s a good teacher because she loves her job, but to have others recognize that passion and reward her for it reaffirmed the decision she made two decades ago to step in a classroom and teach.

The award was not only a wonderful validation of Davies’ work, it was also a huge boost of confidence for the entire Grove School staff.

“This award is such an honor for our school, our community, our families,” said Schlkle. “Our teachers thought it was something that only happened in other places, but now it’s happened here. We’re so excited to celebrate and let everyone know about it.”

See the amazing moment when Davies learned she was an award-winning teacher in the video below.