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CCLC blooms on Alaskan tundra

CCLC Tundra TykesIn early February KinderCare Education welcomed 74 children and their families from the Tundra Tykes center into the CCLC family. The center, previously run by Easter Seals, serves 60 Government Services Administration and community families and 74 children ages six weeks to five-years-old. It’s now the second CCLC center in Anchorage, Alaska, joining the BP center, and the fifth GSA center in the CCLC family.

“Anchorage is a market where there is a strong need for high quality early childhood education,” said Ann Braxton, Director of Portfolio Management for CCLC. “CCLC has the ability to provide the programming, the engagement of our families and teachers, as well as an increased focus on education.”

GSA had previous experience with KinderCare Education from the centers CCLC operates in the lower 48. Families heard of the brand through word-of-mouth in Anchorage. Parents were particularly excited for teachers to begin using the Early Foundations curriculum – which they’d heard about from BP families – while teachers will now have the opportunity to learn from their peers at BP and to benefit from the same training, development, and career planning as all CCLC teachers.

CCLC BP Center“Our BP center has such a fantastic reputation within the community but only enrolls BP families,” said Braxton. “The families and community shared complete excitement that CCLC will be operating Tundra Tykes as it gives their children the opportunity to experience the CCLC difference even [though their parents are] employed outside of BP.”

Unlike the BP center, Tundra Tykes is not an onsite employer-sponsored center, but because of the value GSA places on parents’ ability to be part of their child’s day, it is within walking distance of the Federal Building. Parents are able to frequently visit their child throughout the day and to participate in center activities.

The center itself has one feature unique to its location: a large indoor gross motor area that allows children plenty of space to move and play when the temperatures dip below zero outside.

Welcome to the CCLC family Tundra Tykes!