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KinderCare Education at Work has a wide variety of family care options for your organization

On-Site Child Care Facilities:

Whether you are looking to design, build, manage, or transition an on-site child care center, KinderCare Education at Work provides solutions that will simplify and improve the lives of your employees and their families while also helping you attract and retain top talent.

Our in-house Real Estate and Design team utilizes a one-size-fits-one approach that gives you unparalleled customization and flexibility to align the center with your company’s culture and branding.

Child Care Select:

We partner with major employers—including top-tier universities, healthcare organizations, and Silicon Valley tech giants—to give their employees access to the leading network of early childhood education centers in the U.S.

With over 1,900 locations across the country, our Child Care Select program gives your distributed employees access to accredited child care, where and when they need it.

Backup Care:

The world doesn’t stop when unexpected family care needs arise, and neither does your business. KinderCare Education at Work provides your working families with trusted in-center and in-home back-up care at a moment’s notice, reducing the cost of absenteeism and increasing productivity for your entire workforce.

If your business is interested in any of these services, please contact us. We sincerely look forward to speaking with you about becoming partners in care!