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University of Rochester Medical Center: On-Site Transition

"Meliora," or "Ever Better" is more than the University of Rochester's motto – since the institution's 1850 founding, it's been a symbol of their drive for continuous improvement. After choosing KinderCare Education at Work (KCE) to manage their existing on-site child development center, the University's Medical Center found KCE was just what the doctor ordered. The secret to organizational health? Using KCE to help boost center families' satisfaction and steer the Medical Center towards an off-the-charts ranking as a great place to work. 


The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) delivers health care that's as innovative as it is compassionate. But in order to better the lives of patients, families, and communities, leadership knows they must pay attention to the health and well-being of their employees. "We're committed to identifying ways to support the work/life balance desired by our faculty and staff," says Doris Robinson, Senior Human Resources Representative for URMC. 


Offering an on-site child development center is a key part of URMC's strategy to enhance their workplace's functionality and allure. "Child care is viewed as a critical service to enhance recruitment and retention for residents, faculty, and staff," continues Doris. The Children's School @ URMC is open to any University affiliated family; throughout the years faculty, staff, doctors, nurses, and even students have enrolled their children at the center. 

After opening in 1998 and initially working with another provider, URMC transitioned its child care center operations to KinderCare Education at Work in 2000. The Medical Center chose KCE for its proven ability to deliver: 

  • High-quality Care. Past success gaining accreditation from national early childhood education and care organizations/associations
  • Educational Philosophy. URMC sought a company with a structured, age-appropriate curriculum that fostered the academic, social, cognitive, and physical development of each child and included additional enrichment programs for those who chose to participate
  • Strong Operational Expertise. Financial and operational acumen to efficiently manage the center plus a willingness to hold teachers and staff accountable for managing the transition from the previous provider professionally 


As Doris shares, "The ease of transitioning the center was really important to us, as we wanted minimal disruptions to the children and their families. And it all happened very smoothly. Since then, everyone has been thrilled with the program – nothing but positive feedback and remarks." Working with KCE has also let URMC strengthen their partnerships with other university departments and programs. "We're very fortunate in that we're a university and can integrate into other departments," explains Doris. "Our Warner School of Education often sends student teachers over to work in the center and gain experience." 

The willingness of KCE's center staff to support the goals, activities, and desires of the University and the center parents stands out to Doris. 

Since transitioning to KCE, the Children's School @ URMC is filled to capacity with a large waiting list. "The center is just part of the culture now; so well received and utilized. It's here to stay!" 

Offering an on-site child development center is a key part of URMC's strategy to enhance their workplace's functionality and allure. 

"When parents asked that we re-evaluate our food program to offer even more nutritious options, we worked collaboratively with the Hospital's Food and Nutrition Department to revamp the program. It was a great example of listening and working well together." – DORIS ROBINSON SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCES REPRESENTATIVE