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Chilton Hospital: On-site New Center Build

As a non-profit community hospital, Chilton Hospital delivers everything from immunizations to babies to emergency medical care. When hospital leadership prioritized creating a workplace full of dedicated and high-performing people, they knew an on-site child care center would set them apart. Enter KinderCare Education at Work (KCE). Since 1996, center families have enjoyed high-quality care and peace of mind – two of the things Chilton offers to the patients it serves.


Approximately 1,450 employees help New Jersey-based Chilton Hospital care for and heal community members in need. As part of their decision to develop a culture that promotes work/life balance, Chilton created a new – and key – employee benefit: on-site child care.


From the start, they chose KinderCare Education at Work for its proven ability to deliver: 
  • Safe, Nurturing Care. The first priority has always been to ensure the children had access to high-quality curriculum and warm, compassionate teachers and staff.
  • Efficient, Effective Operations. Chilton wanted a provider who could provide a turnkey operation; one that was financially well run and delivered a good value to employees.
  • Tight Partnership. It was essential for the hospital that they could rely on their provider to truly listen and respond to their unique needs and requests.


Having collaborated with KCE since 1996, the hospital has seen how the center contributes to finding and keeping top employees. 

"The center is huge from an employee satisfaction perspective," says Julie McGovern, Vice President, Administration & Human Resources. "Even the people who don't utilize it appreciate it because their peers are happier, more reliable, and more productive as a result of having the center on our grounds." 

For Julie, the center helps with recruitment and retention as well. "It's very difficult to hire doctors right now," she says. "But I've been able to hire some great talent who valued our child care benefit." Julie also believes the staff who have children in the center stay with the hospital longer, because they are so committed to the teachers and staff. 

KCE understands that hospital-based doctors, nurses and other staff are called to provide care in all situations. Julie values KCE's commitment to opening the center during snowstorms and the flooding brought on by Hurricane Irene. When inclement weather or natural disasters strike, the hospital truly appreciates the commitment to communication from the center administration. She notes, "The center always does a great job keeping parents informed before and during these events. This makes it so much easier for our staff to concentrate on caring for their patients." 

Most importantly, while the Chilton employees focus on their work, they are comforted knowing their children are in a safe, caring and stimulating environment. Reports Julie, "Our employees brag about how great the child care center is. They love the leadership, the teachers, and of course, the proximity. But more, it's that they feel they have a safe and loving place to leave their kids." 

During natural disasters and inclement weather, Chilton Hospital stays open – and so KCE's on-site child care center does its best to stay open as well. 

"We just don't believe there is anyone out there who could provide better services, a better program for our employees, or operate more efficiently from a financial perspective than KinderCare Education at Work." – JULIE MCGOVERN, VICE PRESIDENT OF ADMINISTRATION & HUMAN RESOURCES