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Aflac: On-site Transition and In-Center Backup Care

The American Family Life Assurance Company, better known as Aflac®, is known for its corporate culture and its advertising duck. It's a culture that takes pride in treating employees like family. According to Cindy Spinks, Employee Advocacy and Diversity Department Event Planner, Aflac has always believed that if it took good care of its employees, its employees would take care of the business. Providing for employee families is exactly what KinderCare Education at Work (KCE) does best. And for Aflac, we can't resist quacking about it. 


One of the benefits that has long been offered to employees at Aflac's Columbus, GA headquarters is on-site child care. Aflac views it as an extension of its concern for the happiness and well-being of its workforce. But when it found its child care provider wasn't living up to expectations, Aflac began a search for a new one.


The criteria for selection: 
  • Strong Operational Expertise. A solid track record of providing top-notch child care and education plus a willingness to hold teachers and staff accountable for managing the transition from the old provider 
  • Right Fit. The ability to understand the unique Aflac culture and provide a service that fit into it 
  • Excellent Curriculum. Past success gaining accreditation from national early childhood education and care organizations/associations
In 2009, Aflac found KinderCare Education at Work. They deemed KCE's experience, accreditation record, and history of blending seamlessly with strong corporate cultures to be the right fit. 

The two companies began a formal, structured transition plan, which included numerous meetings with parents, existing center staff, and Aflac management. Parents had voiced their concerns with their previous child care provider on subjects ranging from the curriculum to menus, staff, and more. "We knew right away the fit with KCE was there. Throughout every meeting, center visit and conversation, they demonstrated they knew what they were doing. The continuous communication from KCE helped relieve the apprehension of parents," remembers Cindy.


The transition to KCE occurred in January 2010. Many of the staff were rehired and at first only a few cosmetic changes occurred. But gradually over the following months, KinderCare Education at Work made improvements that parents had requested. The results speak for themselves: enrollment increased as word of mouth from happy parents spread, and Aflac added Backup Child Care service to its benefit options. But that's not all– the two child care centers KCE runs are seen as a key HR benefit and are highlighted during the recruitment and orientation process. 

The two child care centers KCE runs for Aflac are seen as a key HR benefit and are highlighted during the recruitment and orientation process. 

It is such a wonderful relief to have a management company come in that knows the child care business and does it with excellence. We are so blessed to have the wonderful centers and staff that we have. – CINDY SPINKS, EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY AND DIVERSITY DEPARTMENT EVENT PLANNER