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Success Stories

Read about how we've helped these organizations provide outstanding family care benefits to their employees.

Providing for employee families is exactly what KinderCare Education at Work does best. And for Aflac, we can't resist quacking about it.
Burbank Housing Corporation
With KinderCare Education at Work, Burbank Housing Corporation found more than a team who could adapt and operate first one then two child care centers – they found kindred spirits devoted to giving children skills that open doors and encourage opportunity to knock.
Since 1996, center families have enjoyed high-quality care and peace of mind – two of the things Chilton offers to the patients it serves.
CSU San Marcos
When California State University San Marcos wanted to attract and keep the most innovative minds, "average" didn't make the grade.
Electronic Arts
KinderCare Education at Work built Electronic Arts' corporate campus to not only house talented gaming visionaries, but to foster a sense of real community.
Horizon Healthcare
Horizon Healthcare Services recognizes that meeting the needs of its workforce plays a key factor in continued success. And decades on, that's the novel idea.
Northwestern University
KinderCare Education at Work built and operates Northwestern University's child care center – and gave prospective talent another reason to put Northwestern at the top of their list.
Oregon Health & Science University has spent the past 125 years becoming a world-class teaching hospital and research center by exploring how to attract and retain top talent.
University of Rochester Medical Center
The secret to organizational health? Using KinderCare Education at Work to help boost center families' satisfaction and steer the University of Rochester Medical Center towards an off-the-charts ranking as a great place to work.