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Celebrating Our Teachers

Five Teachers Recognized As Top Educators With 2017 Legacy Award

Each year, a select group of our very best educators are named KCE Legacy Award Winners. We're proud to share that this year marks our tenth year of the award, which reflects our belief that great teachers truly do leave a legacy for the children they care for. 

Winners of the award are nominated without their knowledge and go through a rigorous evaluation process before being selected. Along with a $10,000 cash prize and surprise celebration, winners receive an all-expense paid trip to our National Support Center in Portland, Oregon. 

Each of our Legacy Award Winners are not only masterful teachers, but also have a passion that instills a sense of confidence in the children in their classroom and inspires them to become learners for life. These teachers have an extraordinary ability to connect and build meaningful relationships with children, families and the communities they are a part of. These are the keys to what our legacy is all about. 

To learn more about 2017's winners and the KCE Legacy Award, check out this short video